Dena Lee, LPC

Program Director

Dena is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and a Master Addiction Counselor certification. Dena also has training in Moral Reconation Therapy. Dena’s journey at MARR began as a primary counselor in 2008. In 2013, she assumed the position of Program Coordinator for the DeKalb site at Right Side Up; then, in 2023, Dena progressed into her current role as Program Director. Dena has a passion for her profession and for recovery. She works to provide a supportive environment for clients and their children that promotes whole-body healing rather than focusing solely on abstinence. ‘It’s all about the journey, not the destination’ is a motto by which Dena strives to live.

Millicent Parker, MS, MDiv, LPC

Family Program Director

Millicent’s journey at MARR began in 2007, and she currently serves as Family Program Director at Right Side Up. She is passionate about supporting, guiding and, at times, challenging clients and their families to take ownership of who they are and the life they have experienced. She inspires and empowers others to share their story, while helping them to identify the necessary changes required to lead a healthier, more rewarding life.

LeAngie Talley

Therapeutic Childcare Coordinator, RSU DeKalb

LeAngie Talley has been with MARR’s Right Side Program for 11 years working in the Therapeutic Child Care Program at DeKalb Site. She started out as a Therapeutic Childcare Tech assisting with the needs of RSU children. After working 3 years in that position, she transitioned to TCC Case Manager where she began to work more one on one with helping provide the mothers’ with parenting tools and techniques to become better parents. In November 2016, she was promoted to Therapeutic Childcare Coordinator. Ms. Talley believes in providing the women and children that we service a safe and caring environment that allows our children an opportunity to experience a childhood by giving their mothers’ the knowledge and support they need to become active parents while remaining drug free. Ms. Talley received her credentials in Family Development to become an advocate that support children while they are rebuilding a bond with their parents.”

Stephanie Primrose

Residential Assistant Coordinator, RSU Fulton

Stephanie has been at RSU Fulton for two years. She received her CARES certification, making her a certified peer specialist. She started off as a Residential Assistant and has been recently promoted to Residential Assistant Coordinator. As a proud RSU alumni, she enjoys being a walking example of recovery. She enjoys working here because being able to see the change in these ladies really makes her feel great.

Christine Gallagher, CADC-II

Program Coordinator, RSU Fulton

Christine graduated from St. Leo University with a BA in criminal justice. She received her CADC II in New Jersey. She has worked in the mental health field for 9 years. She is also certified as an anger management specialist and a grief specialist. Christine takes great pleasure in being a part of Right Side Up’s “fabulous team” and feels immense gratification in helping individuals lead healthy, productive lives.

Gwendolyn Stafford, CACI

Primary Counselor, RSU DeKalb

I’ve worked in the field of Gender Specific Treatment for women since 1997. When I began working in this field, I learned that there was an astounding number of children that were being lost in the system, where they were being placed in Foster Care or with other family members. And that a large percentage of these cases were because the mothers had issues with substance abuse. Right Side Up offers the women the opportunity for reunification and understands that addiction affects the entire family. Right Side Up offers hope and we believe that families do recover.

Tametra Bell

Therapeutic Childcare Case Manager, RSU Fulton

Tametra Bell has 17 years of professional experience in Early Childhood Development as a Childcare Program Administrator, Licensed childcare learning center owner and certified Pre-K Director. Tametra holds a Bachelors in Business Management. Through her years of helping single parent households navigate through community resources, Tametra discovered a passion for single mothers and parenting. Right Side Up has been the perfect outlet for developing her gifts and supporting mothers with parenting resources.

Sharonda Rozier, CACII

Clinical Assessment Counselor

Sharonda Rozier serves as a Clinical Assessment Counselor at Right Side Up, offering a compassionate hand to those seeking help. Her educational journey began at Valdosta State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Currently, Sharonda is in her fifth semester at Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies, pursuing a Master of Arts in Integrated Recovery for Co-Occurring Disorders; she is set to graduate in December 2024. Having begun her career in 2006, Sharonda became GACA-certified in 2009, dedicating her expertise to direct service with individuals living with substance use disorders. Sharonda’s introduction to MARR, the parent organization of Right Side Up, came through her mentor, Jim Seckman, whose training sessions instilled in her the confidence to utilize her unique perspective. Sharonda possesses invaluable tools to aid others in their recovery journey, drawing from her lived experiences supporting loved ones facing similar challenges. Her role as a Clinical Assessment Counselor allows her to be the reassuring first contact for individuals courageously seeking help, and she finds immense fulfillment in being a part of their transformative process.

Alisa Sawyer

Therapeutic Childcare Coordinator,  RSU Fulton

Alisa Sawyer is committed to fighting addiction from a holistic standpoint, understanding that planting seeds of hope in mothers facing addiction and their children is a major component on the road to success for these families. Alisa has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and has worked with children and families for over 25 years. Unwavering in her passion and diligence for helping others Alisa has worked vehemently with Right Side Up for over 17 years beginning her journey with Right Side Up as a Therapeutic Child Care (TCC) Case Manager until begin promoted in 2013 to the role of TCC Program Coordinator. What Alisa loves most about Right Side Up is working in an environment that promotes women in recovery interacting in a nurturing, constructive and healthy manner with their children, relearning or gaining new healthy parenting skills in sobriety.

Kelley Prewitt-Thomas, MSW

Program Coordinator, RSU DeKalb

Kelley graduated from Georgia State University with a Masters in Social Work. Her passion for recovery and gratitude for Right Side Up has led her back to the very place that changed her life. Right Side Up gives me the opportunity to serve women who struggle with substance use disorder and assist with changing their paths. Witnessing their journey gives evidence that recovery is possible.

Shanell Stevenson

Therapeutic Child Care Case Manager, RSU Fulton

Shanell a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Morgan State University. She has 10 years professional experience working with children, doctors’, and community enriching programs, such as Notre Dame Mission Volunteers: AmeriCorps, Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program, and Mayor Fenty’s District of Columbia summer youth program connecting youth with opportunities. What she loves most about Right Side Up is being a part of an environment with like minded women who have a passion for serving the community and putting the needs of others before their own.

Preva Mitchell

Residential Manager, RSU Dekalb

Preva Mitchell has been employed by MARR, Inc. since 2006. She began her employment as a Resident Assistant. Preva has been a CNA since 1991 and has been instrumental in developing others on their journey to recovery and sobriety for over 20 years. Preva is RSU’s Residential Manager at our DeKalb site. As RM at the DeKalb site, Preva oversees a residential staff of 10 as well as oversees the residential development that houses a capacity of 30 women and their children. She is a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist (CARES) as well as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) in Behavioral Health who continue to advocate for long-term recovery & Mental Health.