Empower. Restore. Recover.

MARR’s Right Side Up (RSU) offers long-term, residential drug and alcohol treatment for women with dependent children under the age of 13. Women need a stable and safe environment to develop the skills necessary to achieve and maintain lasting recovery. Our services are designed to help women obtain employment; restore relationships with their loved ones; retain and/or regain custody of their children; give birth to drug-free infants; and become valuable, productive members of the community. Right Side Up is a six-month addiction treatment program for individuals struggling with substance use disorder (formerly called chemical dependency), giving them ample time to make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes.

Founded in 2001, Right Side Up was designed to help indigent women have a safe place to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

While Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) was created in 1996, the need in the community to help women with dependent children grew more and more precedent to address. Right Side Up is made up of three different phases that focus on taking care of the women herself, as well as learning how to take care of her children.

Right Side Up is accredited by The Joint Commission and fully licensed under the laws of the State of Georgia.